Sometimes we need to see images beyond our own windows. It reminds us that the world is very diverse and that the slightest shift in the environment has tremendous consequences.  This can be a starting point. Maybe you want to see if your favorite places, flora, or fauna has webcams to watch when you need a boost.  Please share in the comments so we can see them too!

old faithful webcam

The National Park Service has a series of webcams operating in winter. For example:

Watch Old Faithful – complete with schedule

A lot of the parks have webcams for the purpose of monitoring air quality.  To see a full list, go to


Underwater Webcam from Channel Islands. has some interesting webcams, like this live view of an  Eagle’s Nest

Underwater Manatee Cam At Homosassa Springs, Florida

Here is an above water live webcam of the Manatees. 

Here are additional pages that have webcams to explore!

Mangolink Cam – Check out the insect cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium – one of my favorite places to spend a day. Now I can watch the bay from home. And the sea otters.

From late February to early April, over 600,000 sandhill cranes stop over in Central Nebraska’s Platte River valley.